A great Xmas gift idea

santa retroWhen it comes to finding a truly unique and memorable Xmas pressie for friends and family it can be tough. Socks are so last year, vouchers are generally dull and lack creativity, a box of choccies are great but inevitably go after 5 minutes ... so what do you get? 

Well, this is where Time Junkies comes in. We've created Time Boxes full of authentic and inspired items from the '80s and '90s. Each box is unique and handmade featuring a minimum of ten individually wrapped up items so it's literally the gift box that keeps on giving! 

So if you're stuck as to what to get and know that you have a friend or family member into their retro get them hands-on with forgotten memories with our range of '80s and '90s Time Boxes. Guaranteed nostalgia!

Time Boxes are also a great secret Santa gift idea. If you want your recipient to be gobsmacked when they open up the box then this is a great idea. 

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A well deserved break

The Time Junkies team are currently away. You can still place an order but the earliest they will be dispatched will be 7th Jan. Thanks for your patience.  

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