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best xmasWe asked the founder of TIme Junkies, James, to relive his first few Christmases during the 1980s and more importantly what he thought were the best gifts he received.


"Well, as the first born to my parents in the '70s I was spoiled. Just like a million others, Xmas was a way for all the family to gather round, give out pressies and get fat ... and things haven't changed much in 40 years! I've found four classic photos that depict various Xmas' and the toys I received. 

1978 xmas 1978
Here I am during pre-pressie opening.

I can't recall individual items that year but one thing is for certain (as you can see) there were loads of them. At that age it's likely I enjoyed the packaging more than the contents but in this shot, it seems I've discovered the chocolate!

Now, this gift I remember well. It was, of course, the Mr Frosty machine and boy did I make a great big mess on the floor with all that runny syrup.

If I recall this toy made the greatest thing I had eaten ... that morning. It lasted for about a week until the handle broke. 

This was a tough year and I had to put up with a board game, albeit a classic in the shape of snakes and ladders.

However, I'm pretty sure my gran got me a 'super spy' briefcase that year which was my all-time favourite gift as it had all the items/ paraphernalia a wannabe James Bond could need.

Arguably my best ever year for toys. My second sister had just been born so my parents wanted to make sure I did not feel left out ... and what better way than buying both an AT-AT (background) and Castle Grayskull (foreground).

The icing on the cake was that my other sister and nemesis got a boring Postman Pat game - ha! Being a boy in the '80s was ACE.

Merry Xmas one and all.

Hopefully, my sister will get something better in 2018
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