Best '80s apps for your smartphone

Here’s another great post from our '80s guest blogger Adora as she highlights some of her favourite retro apps for your smartphone. Away you go …

80s phone“In the 80s a person's level of success was measured not just by the size of their hair, but also by the size of their mobile phone.  No self-respecting wall street trader or city entrepreneur would have been seen dead without the decade's defining accessory; a ridiculously large mobile phone. 

We all take smartphones for granted now. Back in the '80s a mobile phone cost as much as £3k and weighed as much as a bag of sugar, with an aerial so long that you could have quite easily contacted ET with it.

That said it's still possible to inject your thoroughly modern handset with some 80s attitude thanks to a whole host of 80s inspired apps. Here's a few of my favourites:

'80s themes

rad pack
There are some great ‘80s phone themes available but look no further than the Rad Pack free to download to transform your phone into a chrome and neon portal. It's almost like being inside Tron, although to get even closer to the Tron action, download Cyber Rider and buckle up.

If like me you're prone to losing track of time, then there's surely no better replacement for the talking clock than the Doc himself. Great Scott, you'll never be late again with Outa Time.

'80s games

he man app
Naturally, there are a plethora of arcade-style games available to download from Pacman to Frogger, Space Invaders to Tetris, but Retro Game Collection by Jacked studios has them all.

Three of the best 80s-themed role-playing games are without doubt Stranger Things: The GameHe-Man: Tappers of Grayskull and Ghostbusters: Slime City, all of which will keep you awake for hours on end, handy if you're trying to outsmart Freddy Kruger. 


'80s music

dirty dancing appThere are plenty of 80's music apps available, including TV theme tunes and dedicated radio stations, but if it's 80s dancing that you're into, look no further than Dirty Dancing 8 Major Changesan app which will teach you the best routines from the film - including that water lift. 

If you fear the '80s earworm you may want to avoid the Free 80s Radio app which combines all the best 80s radio stations from around the world ... non-stop cheese!

David Bowie spans many decades including the 80s, so if you're a fan you can now launch yourself into a space odyssey of your own with Major Tom's Space Adventure


We’re sure we’ll be hearing more from Adora in 2018.

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