Classic '80s advertising to boys

rice krispie 80s advertWhen it comes to advertising nowadays we're all too obsessed by pixels, banners and pop-ups that creepily follow us around the web. Cast your mind back 30 years (if you're that old) and you'll see that advertisers didn't have the same tools at their disposal that they do today and really had to rely on TV and comics to hit their target audience. Back then they had to rely on snazzy artwork, competitions and creating a sense of urgency to make it a success.

If an ad worked it generally resulted in you nagging your mum before school to give you a few quid to buy the said item or nagging your mum at the Woolies checkout for that pack of stickers, choccy bar or comic. Well we've had a dig around in some of our '80s comics for boys (namely Beano/ Roy of the Rovers) and have chosen a number of our favourite, eye-catching ads that are sure to bring back some memoria as a '80s lad

Next week we'll take a look at some of the advertising campaigns that were targeting girls in the '80s.

Let us know which ones were your favourites from the list below.

.... and our FAVOURITE ad of the lot. We would happily go back in time and buy all those top trump sets now!

top trumps advert

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