Getting hands-on with 'Stranger Things'

There has been somewhat of a resurgence lately when it comes to the '80s thanks to the classic hit TV series 'Stranger Things'.

If you've not yet watched this great series and are a fan of the 1980's then we highly recommend you give it a go; think Goonies meets Creepshow meets Breakfast Club. Set in Indiana, USA the show features three school friends Mike, Dustin and Lucas as they search for their missing pal and encounter all sorts of characters including the creepy young girl 'El' with psychokinetic abilities.  

The producers and directors of Stranger Things certainly maximise the '80s-ness of the TV series. Using atmospheric synth music as well as actual '80s props and collectables (such as Dustin playing with the Millenium Falcon) the viewer is transported to the decade of decadence and consumerism.

Of course here at Time Junkies we are massive fans of the 80's and have created time boxes to help re-live your youth and gets hands-on with your favourite items. Whether you're just a fan of the '80s and want to get hands-on with old memories or know a friend who would love a retro gift then we've got the perfect solution. Each '80s Time Box is full of authentic and genuine items from the decade including comics, trading cards, action figures, vinyl and much much more. Check out the '80s Time Boxes today

Catch the latest series of Stranger Things on Netflix and we're sure you'll become a fan just like us.
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