Guide to '70s Time Boxes

We’re massive fans of the seventies and couldn’t wait to create our authentic and hand-picked ‘70s Time Boxes. The decade was full of fantastic fads, fashion and film and we believe we have picked out a great selection to go in the boxes. Of course sourcing authentic items over forty years old is pretty tricky which is why there are seven items in a ‘70s Box compared to the ‘90s … that said these items sum up the decade nicely.

70s records 7” vinyl record singles
The ‘70s had some great bands and singers from Queen and Fleetwood Mac to Kiss and The Doors. We include a great ‘70s seven inch single that can be played so you can recall all those sounds of the seventies so iron those flares and put on massive glasses.

Comics were a big thing for any kid growing up in the ‘70s and some of the publications you read back then are still available today. We include a classic comic and try and match the title to the gender of the recipients.

There were some fantastic glossy mags for teenagers during this decade. Whether you were into football and enjoyed SHOOT or perhaps you were into music and read TOP OF THE POPS we may include one in the box.

70s annualsAnnual/ books
Although normally given out during Xmas the classic annual was a hardbacked version of your favourite comics and film/ tv characters. These annuals are super nostalgic and we try to match the annual to the recipient.

Trading cards/ stickers
Evolving from the classic tea-cards of the ‘60s, trading cards grew significantly popular in this decade and if you grew up as a kid it meant collecting and trading movie and TV film cards. Each pack would normally consist of cards depicting various scenes from popular blockbusters along with the sticker.

70s sweets
‘70s sweets
If you have a sweet tooth and enjoyed the colourful mix of confectionary the ‘70s had to offer then you’ll like the mixture we created for our ultimate retro sweet pack
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