Latest retro trading cards

We've just added quite a collection of retro trading cards and stickers for August that are sure to put a smile on all collect-a-holics faces.

Check out classics including American 80s classics 'Baseballs Grossout' and 'Zero Heroes', 90s movie classics 'Hook' and 'Rocketeer' as well as iconic packs of 'Garbage Pail Stickers'. 

If you want to open a piece of history that's been sealed away for more than 30 years then these unopened packs are for you ... just don't eat the gum.

You can check out all our trading cards here but once they're gone, they're gone!

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A well deserved break

The Time Junkies team are currently away. You can still place an order but the earliest they will be dispatched will be 7th Jan. Thanks for your patience.  

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