Retro Top Trumps

One of the most popular cards games enjoyed throughout the playgrounds of every school from the 80's through to modern times is Top Trumps.

For those who've not come across this game before the aim is to compare a list of values for each card to your opponents and try to trump (i.e. beat) an opponent's card by having a higher value.

Over the course of decades, many companies (such as Waddingtons) created a huge range of Top Trump editions. From celebs and dinosaurs to footballers and animal poo you were sure to find a pack that got you excited. 

Personally, it was the horror packs of the 80's (that now go for insane prices) that were our favourite - with its garish art and random stats allocation it was an instant boyhood classic.

On this note, we're glad to tell you that we've got a wide variety of different packs to offer you from the 80's and 90's. Check out our great collection of Top Trumps and reminisce over these classics. 

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