Guide To ‘80s Time Boxes

80s garfieldIf you’re as nostalgic as us and like to reminisce about the good old days when you ran around as tear-away teenagers then you’ll enjoy the ‘80s Time Boxes.

These Time Boxes have been pulled together to celebrate all that was good about the ‘80s. We’ve picked out a large number of items from this decade that we believe will send a tingle down your spine and bring a sparkle to your eyes. Expect lots of ‘Oh I remember that’ and ‘I had one of those’ comments as the lid of the box is opened and the authentic and ‘80s inspired contents appear.

Each Time Box is unique and handpicked but below is a guide to what you may receive (will differ according to a guy/ girl box). Check out our '80s gift ideas page for more info on Boxes and Bundles.


80s movies80’s VHS MOVIES
We’re not being biased here but arguably the ‘80s was the best decade when it came to teen movies. Who doesn't remember walking down to the local Blockbuster only to find they were out of Top Gun and having to take Naked Gun instead! We include a VHS case and cover in the boxes. Why don't we include the cassette? Well A) it’s unlikely you still have a VCR to play it on and B) it’s the iconic cover you really liked anyway! Fret not as we’ve filled each one not with a video nasty but a bunch of classic retro '80s sweets (think Refreshers, Popping Candy, Fruit Salads, Cola Bottles etc).

Remember sauntering down to Our Price and picking up that Madonna single you’d heard on the radio and then rushing home to play it on your record player ... 68 times in a row. Vinyl has had somewhat of a resurgence in the past few years not only due to sound quality but also the great artwork of the sleeves. Revisit the kitsch covers and over the top pictures with this seven-inch vinyl record.

Relive childhood gags, pop culture and dubious mail-order adverts with a classic, visual treat in the form of a magazine or comic.

80s trading cardsTRADING CARDS/ STICKERS
Stickers and trading cards were all the rage in the playground and you probably drove your mum mad to buy a pack at the Woolies checkout. We've included a mixed pack of stickers or trading cards. You can buy sealed trading cards from the Storeroom or Collectible page … just don't eat the gum!

‘Just Say No’ or ‘Choose Life’ they were designed to irritate the parents with slightly odd culture shout-outs. The humble pin badge was the ultimate adornment of a teenage lapel/ school bag. We’re not sure about you but our collection of badges was legendary. Featuring advertising, bands and dodgy slogans they continue to appeal to this day.

Small, colourful and useless when it came to rubbing out your doodles the ‘80s rubber was a pencil case must-have. How competitive were you when it came to your rubber collection? When you see this small iconic classic you'll be instantly transported back to the classroom.

80s booksAN ANNUAL/ BOOK
‘Ahh man – a boookkkk’ – this was the thought you had at Xmas as you felt the present handed to you by your aunt. Back then hard-backed books weren’t highly sought after gifts for the ‘80s youth, now though they fill us with great nostalgia with their glossy covers and awkward comedy; 'Choose Your Own Adventure' ... yes, please!

If in the past some boy/ girl made you a playlist with the song menu scribbled on the front in biro you'll appreciate this piece of genuine '80s gold technology. Played religiously in the car or on the Walkman we’ve picked out a classic piece of original cheese for you.

Some of the most iconic toys and action figures came out of the ‘80s. If you didn't have an action figure or two to play with during the '80s then we feel sorry for you. Whether they were made for boys (Star Wars, He-Man, A-Team) or girls (My Little Pony, Trolls, She-Ra) there were some classic collectables that kept every kid entertained for hours.

Admittedly we’re not perfect so if you think there are items we’ve left off that should be included in the ‘80s Time Box then do get in touch.

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