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storeroomEveryone wants a little bit more. Did you want 'seconds' when it came to school lunches? If you're the kind of person who can squeeze in that little bit extra then the '80s Storeroom is for you. It's a great place to buy any extras for the '80s Time Boxes or alternatively buy these authentic items and get them sent separately.

Currently, we can offer you extras with the following '80s items: trading cards, comics, 7" vinyl and large packs of retro sweets. Check out each separate page for an item's description and availability.

For those who want to buy something a little special, a one-off collectable, something a bit closer to your heart then check out our 80's collectables. 

*** It's important to let us know how you want these extras sent in the 'instructions to seller' message box.

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A well deserved break

The Time Junkies team are currently away. You can still place an order but the earliest they will be dispatched will be 7th Jan. Thanks for your patience.  

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