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time junkyWho are we?
We are the Peter Pan of the vintage world. We're Tom Hanks from BIG. We love the kitsch, the forgotten memories, the obscure ... and we work hard to source all these items and present them to you decades later.

Our goal?
To say 'NO' to boring vouchers and instead bring a little slice of nostalgia back into modern life (and make birthday pressies a little less dull).

Well, why settle getting your friend or loved one a run-of-the-mill, dreary gift? Now you can buy someone a Time Junkies box or bundle crammed full of authentic items from your chosen decade, guaranteed to bring that childhood sparkle back into their eyes.

What do we offer?
Well, we've all seen flowers, veg and kinky lingerie sent in the post but how about twenty, thirty, forty-year-old genuine items from your childhood? From classic LPs and trading cards to beloved comics and the eraser you nibbled on at school; we'll do all we can to reunite you with these objects.

So what's in a Time Junkie box/ bundle?
Each box is crammed full of authentic items from the decade which we tailor for men or women making it even more nostalgic. The bundles are generally smaller packages with around five items and suitable for a subscription. The Time Boxes are great gift ideas. They come in a quality, magnetic presentation box and made up of ten plus items from the chosen decade. 

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The Time Junkies team are currently away. You can still place an order but the earliest they will be dispatched will be 7th Jan. Thanks for your patience.  

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