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Everyone wants a little bit more. Did you want 'seconds' when it came to school lunches? If you're the kind of person who can squeeze in that little bit extra then the '80s Storeroom is for you. It's a great place to buy any extras for the '80s Time Boxes or alternatively buy these authentic items and get them sent separately.

Trading cards and stickers 
Whether they were cards celebrating a blockbuster movie or stickers featuring grotesque looking kids, chances are like us you remember them fondly. Well, Time Junkies can now bring back that '80s nostalgia as we've created packs of mixed trading cards/stickers. You get ten different cards/ stickers in our packs (no duplicates). Alternatively chose an individually sealed pack from the '80s collect page

If like us you waited with eager anticipation for your copy of Beano or Nikki to fall through the letterbox then you'll want to get yourself a retro '80s comic. Even after 30 years they still haven't lost their charm and some of the brands are still going strong today. To help you relive all those memorable comic moments you can now choose an authentic comic.

Vinyl records
Some would argue the '80s was the best ever decade when it came to music. We don't like taking sides but its hard to argue this point with so many iconic musicians and memorable songs! To help you relive all the great tunes you can now choose a 7" vinyl singles from our great collection of vinyl classics.

***  IMPORTANT *** Make sure you let us know whether they are to go in a Time Box or be sent separately. If they are to go in a Time Box we'll try and match the gender of the box *** 

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