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WELCOME to our '90s collectables storeroom

If you're looking for additional items to add to a '90s Time Box or alternatively just want to pick out a few collectables to treat yourself then check out the authentic items below. 

CD Singles
If you're a music fan there's no getting around the fact that the naughty '90s were one of the best decades for iconic bands and creative music. From Brit Pop bands like Oasis and Blur through to the Trip-hop sounds from Massive Attack - the '90s had it all! Well, Time Junkies can now get you back busting out moves in your sitting room by giving you the chance to buy an authentic '90s CD single. 

Pogs and other similar collectables such as milk caps, Tazos etc. 
exploded in popularity in the mid-'90s with many companies capitalizing on their popularity, creating colourful and exciting discs of the childhood pleasure.  If you enjoyed this fad then Time Junkies is on hand to give you that nostalgic hit by offering you a mixed pack of 10 Pogs/ Tazos/ Caps (no duplications either).

Trading cards and stickers 
Trading cards were a big thing in the '80s and grow even more popular in the '90s thanks to a number of high profile movies such as Jurassic Park, T2 and Godzilla. Well, Time Junkies has got its hands on a mix of original '90s cards/stickers. You get ten different cards/ stickers in our packs (no dupes).

*** IMPORTANT *** Make sure you let us know whether the items you pick are to go in a '90s Time Box or be sent separately 

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